Supporting the spread of the Gospel to the world is a tradition going back to the Apostolic Age. Please help us, just as the Apostle Paul collected help for his missionary journeys.
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Meet Our Missionaries

The First Baptist Church of Lady Lake supports many different missionaries around the globe. Monthly faith promise donations go directly to the missionaries (through their mission boards) and the church does not keep any of the donation.  Below are some of the missionaries that we currently support.

Wendell & Joan Calder

Dr. Calder is a dynamic speaker, travelling North America spreading God’s Word to the unsaved.  He frequently is our guest for Sunday sermons and is the lead of our annual Winter Revival.

Ellen Doyle

Ellen Doyle is a Registered Nurse and serves  GFA as a missionary to Cameroon West Africa.

Jack and Melinda Peeler

Jack and Melinda Peeler serve as missionaries with the World Wide New Testament Baptism Missions (WWNTBM).

Mark & Paula Batory

A graduate of Bob Jones University, Mark Batory with his wife Paula served God as missionaries in in the town of Tamazunchale, northeast of Mexico City. After contracting an illness in the mission field, the Batorys were forced return to the United States where Mark became the Gospel Fellowship Association (GFA) representative on the campus and currently serves as their executive director. 

David & Vicki Bennett

David is the director of Silent Word Missionaries International (SWMI) serving God to reach out to the deaf community around the world.

Mike and Sharon Keller

Mike and Sharon Keller serve as missionaries with BMM Campus Bible Fellowship in Utah.  They work closely with the Mormon population to bring them the true Word of God and salvation.

Jim and Ivonne Gardner

Jim and Ivonne serve God as missionaries for IFM in Mexico.

Russell & Mamie Bell

Russell and Mamie are currently recovery from illness after serving many years with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions (WWNTBM).

Kim Hibbard

Kim Hibbard works with the BMM missions board in translating the Bible to the native language of people who would not otherwise be able to read God Word.