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Welcome to our Documents and Downloads page. Here you will find downloads and documents associated with our online teaching and worship videos. We never charge or expect anything for spreading the word of God, but would be blessed if you are in a position to give a small amount to help our video teaching ministry operating.
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Christian Cults: The Roman Catholic Church

This week our Sunday night teaching completed a teaching series from December 2018, and explored the Cult of the Roman Catholic Church. Using actual church doctrine in comparison to God’s Word in the Bible, we explored some of the most significant stumbling blocks to salvation the Catholic Church puts in the path of its own members. Watch our guest speaker, Brother Paul Spoltore, as he teaches the issues and then shows God’s true Word on the right answer. If you have any questions on the teaching please feel free to email us at

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October 29, 2018: Pellentesque Ipsum Id Orci Dapibus.


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